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18 July 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Bo/Kenzi - Numb Until I Found You  
Title: Numb Until I Found You
Author: cameron_sarah
Pairing: Bo/Kenzi
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They are most definitely not mine :(
Summary: Prompt was 'numb'. Bo gets injured, and Kenzi is the only one who can help.

She’s stopped hurting. She’s not sure whether that’s a good thing, or a really, really bad thing. All she can concentrate on is putting one foot in front of the other, and that is hard enough. Her knee keeps giving out, and her fingers are raw, yet she repeatedly grasps at the bricks as she makes her way towards the warehouse, trying to stay upright, to keep her momentum.

She bursts through the door with a grunt, landing on her palms in the entryway. Things go black, but she hears Kenzi call her name, and she can hear the distress in her voice. She wants to roll over, but she doesn’t have the strength. She can feel Kenzi tugging at her jacket, and she lets out a yelp. Kenzi shrinks back, afraid to touch Bo again.

“Bo, what the hell happened to you?!” Kenzi cries, taking Bo’s bloodied hand, and inspecting it. “Oh god, Bo. Get up, please.” She gives Bo another experimental pull. Bo shrieks, writhing until she manages to roll onto her back. Kenzi gasps when she sees the gashes across Bo’s chest, the bruises that are already starting to form.

“Sweet Jesus, Bo. What do you want me to do? Who do I call?” Bo shakes her head, reaching out unsteadily.

“Kenzi, please.” She tries to take a deep breath, but winces at the pain in her chest. “I can’t..” She looks up pleadingly.

Kenzi sits back on her heels at Bo's side, eyes wide. “Me? Bo, are you serious?” The look on Bo’s face lets Kenzi know that she is. “God, Bo, I don’t want you to die…” She swears under her breath, closing her eyes to lean down and press her lips against Bo’s. She can taste the blood on Bo’s lips, and it’s almost enough to make her pull back. Then she feels a tug in her chest, a tingling that makes its way up her throat and into her mouth, before she feels it pass to Bo.

The kiss ends after a moment, and Bo can breathe a little easier, taking in sharp breaths as Kenzi sits back, still holding Bo’s hand. “Come on. Get up.” She scrambles to her feet, dragging Bo up with her. The two mange to make it to Bo’s bed, Kenzi dropping her back against the covers. Bo drags the lighter girl down on top of her, but Kenzi pushes up on her knees, straddling Bo’s waist. Caution flashes in her eyes.

“Bo...I don’t know…”

“Kenzi, I need you. Please. I won’t hurt you.” Kenzi chews her lower lip for a moment, and Bo waits somewhat patiently for her friend to either give or deny consent.

“Oh, what the hell, Bo. I’m not gonna let you die.” Kenzi leans down, letting Bo claim her lips once more, as a hand snakes up under her shirt. Kenzi again senses the pull, the tingling escaping through her lips. It’s a strange sensation - it makes her weak, but at the same time she feels the waves of sexual heat radiating off Bo, and it focuses her mind on that instead.

A few kisses later, Bo begins to get her strength back, hands exploring, starting to remove pieces of clothing from both Kenzi and herself. When she can, she flips them, laying her body over Kenzi. The small girl cringes at the sight of Bo’s body, marred with cuts and bruises. She runs a hand down Bo’s side, pausing when Bo flinches away.

“Shit, Bo.” Kenzi pants, testing the site again. “Are your ribs broken?”

A wolfish grin spreads on Bo’s face as she snakes a hand down between Kenzi’s legs. “Not for long.”

wiked_nachoswiked_nachos on July 19th, 2012 04:26 am (UTC)
You just had to leave it there didn't ya? As usual you are on par :)