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26 August 2012 @ 02:14 pm
Bo/Kenzi - Too Lost In You  
Title: Too Lost In You
Author: cameron_sarah
Pairing: Bo/Kenzi
Rating: NC-17
Warning: A little dub!con.
Disclaimer: They are most definitely not mine :(
Summary: Bo needs to heal, but sometimes Bo forgets that the girl is human.
AN: Written for the Fourth Annual Femslash Kink Meme

They've done this before, when they've been on cases and Bo's been injured. Sometimes, they don't have time to find a victim for Bo, and that's when Kenzi steps in. The younger girl doesn't mind, because honestly, the sex is good for her too.

But Kenzi is still human, and Bo hasn't quite got the whole 'self-control' thing totally in hand yet. That's why they have a safe word. When Bo's feeding, everything is lost to her. The world just drops away and her head spins, her body screams with hunger and then satisfaction. But when feeding on humans, nothing is ever enough.

She's got a gash on her side that stitches would have a hard time holding together, and blood is pouring out of her. She got bruises all down her arm that are making her muscles turn stiff. She pushes Kenzi back against the mattress of her bed, one hand on her wound, the other making its way down Kenzi's body and into the smaller girl's pants. Bo winces when she stretches a little too far, letting out a cry. Kenzi hovers her hands over the brunette, wanting to help, but scared to hurt her even more.

"Bo, what can I do?" She reaches up, tucking a stray strand of Bo's hair behind her ear, watching the Succubus carefully. Bo looks down at her, eyes glowing bright blue and Kenzi sighs, taking a breath. A moment later, Bo is crushing their lips together, kissing Kenzi deeply. Kenzi feels it in her soul as the first sliver of chi slips its way from her and into Bo.

Bo dances her tongue over Kenzi's, and the smaller girl presses up, tangling her fingers in Bo's hair, and using it as leverage. As the chi starts to help her heal, Bo releases her wound, dragging her hand up Kenzi's side, already too caught up in the act to notice that she was smearing blood all up the girl.

Bo begins to feed harder, the urge to heal getting stronger the more she took, driving her fingers deep into Kenzi. Kenzi moans loudly, clinging to the parts of Bo that aren't injured as she rocks her hips up to meet Bo's thrusts. The Succubus cups Kenzi's face, trying to intensify the kiss, trying to inhale as much of Kenzi's chi as she possible can, and in the process leaving a smeared stain on her pale skin. She can feel the wound beginning to heal, the energy weaving her body back together, her muscles relaxing as her bruises lift, though she is far from good as new.

Kenzi can feel herself starting to get tired, despite the immense amounts of sexual energy flowing between them. As much as she wants to get off, she can't take much more of Bo feeding so heavily. "Bo," She breaks the kiss, which hardly stops the flow of chi. "Bo, you have to stop." She feebly presses a hand against Bo's chest.

The action barely pauses Bo's feeding, and she increases her pace again, eyes glowing brightly.

"Bo, enoug-!" The word ends as Bo sucks strongly from Kenzi, the smaller girl's eyes going wide, body lifting up off the bed as the flow of chi leaves her body. When she sags back down, her eyelids are heavy, her body feeling like dead weight. When her orgasm comes a moment later, Kenzi's body trembles of its own accord, the dulled pleasure spreading through her.

"Bo, please." Her voice is barely more than a whisper, fingers pawing at Bo's arm. It's then that the light in Bo's eyes fades, and she withdraws her fingers, biting her lip as Kenzi cringes.

"Kenzi. Oh, Kenzi." She slips off the smaller girl, scooping Kenzi up into her arms. "I'm so sorry." She pulls Kenzi into her lap, cradling her gently as Kenzi buries her face in Bo's chest. "Do you need me to call Lauren?" Bo strokes her face, almost in a frenzy now that her hunger has faded, her wound no more than a scratch and she realises what she's done.

Kenzi shakes her head softly, dark hair falling around her face. "No." She murmurs, slender fingers clutching at Bo's shirt. "I just need to rest."

Bo nods, shuffling back to rest against the headboard, holding Kenzi close against her and rubbing her soothingly. She leans down, dropping a kiss against Kenzi's forehead, sighing against her soft skin. "I'm so sorry."

Kenzi looks up, her eyes gentle. "Bo, it's okay. It's okay." She nuzzles into Bo, sighing as she fell asleep safely in the other woman's arms.


Hope you like!! :D Check out the meme!!

wiked_nachoswiked_nachos on August 26th, 2012 06:43 am (UTC)
There is just so much subtext with them. This is distracting me from my homework....in a good way.
cameron_sarahcameron_sarah on August 26th, 2012 09:03 am (UTC)
Haha. I've been distracted for days with prompts for the kink meme!

Glad you liked it! :D