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12 July 2012 @ 05:40 pm
RPF - Tab/Bridge [Wow]  
Title: Wow
Author: cameron_sarah
Pairing: Bridget/Tabrett
Rating: G
Warnings: RPF,
Disclaimer: They are most definitely not mine :(
Summary: Craig baby-sits.

"Bridget, are you sure he can handle this?" Tabrett cradles Mia protectively in her arms, rocking the young toddler from side to side as she pouts at Bridget, making the brunette smile softly.

"Of course he can. He is her father, after all." Bridget sees Tabrett stiffen at the statement, and sighs, stepping closer to her wife. "But you're her mother, and you have more of a say than he ever will. You know that." She uses a finger to slowly comb the dark bangs from her eyes. "But you do want to go out with me tonight, don't you?"

Tabrett glances from Bridget to the baby and back again. "Yes.."

Bridget nods, picking up Mia's bag and slinging it over her shoulder. "Then Craig will be fine to baby-sit for just a few hours, okay?"

"Yeah, alright." Tabrett agrees, adjusting Mia on her hip.

"Good." Bridget drops a kiss on Mia's head, then presses one to Tabrett's cheek. "Come, on then. After we drop her off, we can come back here and get changed."

Tabrett looks down at herself. "We can't just go out like this?"

Bridget lets out an airy laugh. "While we might not mind smelling like powered milk and baby drool, other people don't find it quite to appealing."

Tabrett smirks. "Honestly, I don't think anything else could make you any sexier."


She's showered and dried her hair and now she is waiting for Bridget to come down the stairs so they can do to dinner. She hears the footsteps and turns around, reaching for her purse. She halts when she sees Bridget.

"Wow." She breaths, arm still outstreatched.

Bridget is stepping down the stairs, feet strapped into delicate heels. The hem dark purple dress floats around her knees, fabric sparkling gently. The dress hugs her body nicely, the straps wrapping around her neck to finish in a bow.

A smile graces her lips, as she finishes decending, hand sliding softly down the banister. "You like it?"

Tabrett nods eagerly, moving around the couch. "I certainly do."

Bridget slides into Tabrett's arms, giving her a quick kiss. "Sexier than baby smells?"

"Oh, I'm not sure about that." Tabrett relpies honestly. "But it's damn worth letting Craig baby-sit for just one night."

The brunette giggles, stepping back to grab her own purse before taking Tabrett's hand and leading her towards the door. "Are you admiring my ass?" She quips when she realises Tabrett is lagging behind.

"Yes." Tabrett doesn't even hesitate.

"You like what you see?" Bridget asks, not looking back.

"Oh yes." Tabrett grins as they slip out the door.

wiked_nachoswiked_nachos on July 12th, 2012 10:41 am (UTC)
No words except no words
cameron_sarahcameron_sarah on July 12th, 2012 10:41 am (UTC)
Glad you like! :D